Monday, February 9, 2015

7 Years (84 Months)

My Little Smush,

And then you were 7.  That can't be right, surely.  It seems not to long ago that you were flopped on my chest at 10:23am, a little squirmy pink bundle.  And yet, now you are 7.

You can read.  You can run, jump and play.  You have the most detailed imagination.  You get yourself snacks and drinks.  Hell, you have finally learned to wipe your own butt.  You have your own ideas and demands.  You have friends and teachers.  You know how to work the computer and watch YouTube videos.  You are adventurous but don't like to try new foods. You are kind and generous with most of your things.  You turn on the fireplace when you are cold.  You take showers and read magazines when you poop.  You get embarrassed of my love notes in your lunch box at school.  You still flap and rub your hands together when you are excited.  You have favorite TV shows and know what to say to get me to let you stay home from school.  You need pep talks sometimes and usually they work.  You make fart jokes and want to cuddle at the same time.  You are sympathetic and understanding.  You like "fizzy wine", aka ginger ale, when your stomach hurts. You have favorite songs and sing along when they come on.  You love our home and love making it better with me.  You get grumpy and angry and confused and anxious and you can TALK about it.  You have homework and responsibilities.  You have a healthy respect for fear but know when to push yourself.  You know what "the weekend" means and you take it seriously.  You have morals and a conscience!

My God.  I guess you have grown up.  You are a kid.  Not just a baby, or a little boy.  You are an authentic, true life kid.  When did that happen?!  I have been present for almost every day of your life and it has still seemed to slip away from me. I guess that is just what happens when you are a parent.  All I can do is make the biggest impact I can while you will still listen.  Every parent has their doubts about how they parent.  But if you are any indication, any reflection of what kind of parent I am, I think I can give myself a pat on the back.

The other day when the kids were over, you got in a little fight with Dylan.  This has been known to happen from time to time.  If Byron and Dylan don't get their way they tend to physically fight it out, way more than you would.  You would rather talk about it.  (Maybe that is just an only child thing.  You have never had to fight for anything)  John came in and watched Dylan push you.  John told you to push him back. (Not my go-to method of parenting, but I wasn't there.)  You responded with "But John!  I'm a lover, not a fighter." and turned around to finish working on your lego.  John, Byron and Dylan stared at you like they didn't understand that was even an option.  I got to hear the story later and say "that's my boy."  I am proud of you all the time but there are little moments that stand out more then others.  I am so proud of you that you are confident enough to stand up for what you believe in.  And stand up for what I taught you is right, no matter what the situation.

One of my favorite parts to my day is picking you up from the bus stop. I love it so much I even made you walk in a blizzard.  Its time together that's not spent rushing to do something else, or be somewhere else.  It is just a walk around the block.  You tend to hang back for a few minutes, give me your book bag and tell me a little about your day.  You still hold my hand before you take off down the street.  Its those few minutes of undivided attention that I cherish so much. 

I has been amazing watching you all grow.  I hope you stay friends with Ryan and Gwen.  Friends that are down the block are the ones that seem to last the longest.  If for some reason, you can't run or I need to drive to the bus stop, we are both disappointed. I can't wait for the weather to get nicer so you can run and we can have our 15 minutes just to us, with no distractions, every school day.

I know I probably say this every year.  It has been the pleasure of my life watching you grow and learn before my eyes.  You amazing me almost everyday.  With the things that you say and the personality that is unmistakably Wyatt.  The kindness in your voice when you ask how my day was.  The confidence you have to be yourself.  The silence when you are thinking and I can almost see you brain working.  The laughter (minus that fake dolphin laugh you have been doing lately) that you bring to all of our lives.  The curiosity that you have when you need to figure something else.  And especially how seamlessly you have transitioned to our new family.  My big boy is 7.  I am so proud that I get to be your mom.

I love you everyday,

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