Thursday, January 8, 2015

83 Months


Ahhhh, Christmas.  Where do I even begin?!  Since it was our first real Christmas, as a family, living in the same house, John and I got a little bit excited.  Definitely more then you kids.  You are always excited about Christmas, John and I were down right giddy.  We wanted it to be special.  We wanted to respect the traditions that had already been set in motion with a 5, 6, 6, and 8 year old.  We wanted to spoil the shit out of you.  We wanted to shock and awe.  And we wanted to do all of this in two hours.  Because that is all we had.  John was picking up his kids at 8am and they had to leave for the airport around 10 to go to Texas.  You and I were meeting them in TX a few days later.

John and I were meticulous on making sure you all had the same amount; of gifts to open as well as money spent.  It was hard.  There was always one of you coming up short and then we would buy more and the process would continue.  I had a stash of gifts in my office that I would wrap in brown paper when I was on lunch. Gwynnie was very curious about the three present tradition.  She questioned you several times and of course you had the response that I have engrained in you readily prepared.  "Jesus gets three, and so do we.  Its his birthday."  I eventually had to intervene because she didn't understand that she once got a million presents from Santa and now only three. I told her on the first child's first Christmas, the parents write a letter to Santa explaining the rules of the house.  Because every home is different and every family celebrates in different ways.  So, Santa brought 3 presents in our house, but they would also get things from John and I.  (Hey.  I still think that's pretty good.)  She hesitated, but then ran with it.  At least for this first year, I think we got away with it.

Santa Pa paid us a visit!
You tore through your presents Christmas morning, as per usual really.  I felt bad that John missed so much of it because he was busy packing the kids up.  You all were thrilled.  I think favorites were Dylan's skateboard, Byron's vintage GI Joe Guys, Gwyn's tickets to see Taylor Swift and your new Skylanders video game. Mine was my tickets to see Book of Mormon and John's was the Walking Dead set (against my better judgement) but he would say it was his new work pants (boring).  However, I thought the pickle present was by far the best.  I wrapped up all these tiny boxes with clues in them, that sent you all on a scavenger hunt around the house and outside.  You were all running around in your pj's and having Gwyn read the clues along the way.  You were so freaking adorable. I had a TV in the basement for our famiy pickle present.  There was lots of screaming all around.  Actually, even though John was in on it, I think he was the most excited.  Since Dylan found the actual ornament, he claimed that it was his only and it would go in the boy's room.  Yeah, that idea got squashed pretty hard. 

I guess, traditionally, John's kids stockings were less the full.  Santa only brought some candy.  John failed to mention this.  So I packed the crap out of all the stockings.  With candy, sea monkeys, light saber lipgloss, jellybean pooping grumpy lambs, socks, pencils, camo bandaids, hair clips, toothbrushes, etc, etc, etc.  For you this was normal.  For the kids, this was extraordinary.  I got to sit and watch as Byron carefully unwrapped each item with awe and surprise, putting mostly all of them in his backpack for the trip.  It was a great Christmas.  One that I hope you will remember.

And then John and the kids left for the airport.  And you went with your Dad for a little.  And I was left, in my Christmas PJ's, in an empty house, surrounded by wrapping paper.  It was ..... weird but not entirely unpleasant.  Dadda and I decided to switch things up a little this year.  We both wanted you to be able to do everything with all the families.  So you did some bouncing around.  As part of this, you came to my church on Christmas Eve and got to participate in the Christingle Pagaent.  You have been coming to Sunday School fairly regular with me and quite simply the Pagaent is just a rite of passage.  You happily played a very adorable shephard.  And Lizzy and I quite made you laugh with our ridiculous faces and miming playing "Trumpets" by Jason Deruo from the choir loft balacony. I look am looking forward to making you laugh from afar for years to come.

I have always wanted you to have a sibling.  At least one.  I always felt that more keenly around Christmas time.  Some of my best memories are from Christmas with my sisters.  They were always my partners in crime and witnessing their joy was contagious happiness and excitement. You went from none to three in less then a year.  I loved watching you this Christmas, opening your presents and excitedly sharing them with each other.  And you helping Dlyan open his. And Gwyn reading all of you the clues.  And your hands a mile a minute watching Byron open the GI Joes. And Gwyn screaming at her Taylor Swift tickets and you all screaming with her without understanding why.  And watching you all seamlessly, overnight it seems, becoming siblings.  I know from the outside looking in, it must be choas.  But being on the inside, it is watching love take root in our living room.

I love you everyday,

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