Tuesday, October 8, 2013

68 Months


I think that thing that killed me the most this month, well, besides that whole Kindergarten thing, was that you lost your first tooth.  Kindergarten is HUGE but I don't have many memories from that time of my life.  There are a few bits and pieces.  But I remember loosing teeth.  I remember how exciting it was.  The effort I took to get the tooth out.  The disappointment when all my efforts didn't work.  And the bliss of loosing one in school so you could get one of those little tooth-shaped pill boxes. From my experience, it marks the beginning of your long lasting memories.  The formative years.  You have a pretty impeccable memory as it is but this is when you are going to start outsmarting me.
I was totally unprepared for this tooth loosing. Yes, your tooth was loose, but barely.  I figured I had a good week or two before it actually happened.  You had corn on the cob with dinner and then said your tooth hurt.  When I looked it was still in but considerably looser.  After two bites of an apple that Auntie B had suggested you do weeks ago, it was out.  And you were thrilled.  Like beyond thrilled.  I had never seen you so excited.  You took videos, a thousand pictures, and made a million phone calls.  You were skipping around our house aimlessly forgetting what you were doing.  You kept putting the tooth down and forgetting where you put it.  Finally, we put your tiny tooth in a Tupperware (that you still kept loosing) and went to bed as quickly as possible.
I had this thought in my head that I wanted to leave a trail of glitter from your pillow out the window.  As if the Toothfairy left a fairy dust trail.  Naturally, I tore the house apart looking for glitter.  We HAD to have some SOMEWHERE.  Not so much.  So I settled with sequins.  Our Toothfairy would be a little disco, whatever.  Then came the 10pm call to Gammy to ask for money because I never carry cash.  "Um do you have $5?"  Her response was to question my lack of preparation and parenting because CLEARLY the first tooth gets a silver dollar.  Well you got a $5 bill that I miraculously found in a coat pocket and some sequins.  Hello new family tradition!!!  You obviously thought the sequins were the best part.  And you put your money right in your Toodling Butt Bank. You lost another tooth about a week or so later, right next to the other one.  This time you were sleeping over at Gammys' for the night.  She was thrilled because she figured her Toothfairy days were over.  You warned her that she was going to be vacuuming sparkles for weeks. Gammy got a little excited with the sequins taking them all the way down the deck as if the dogs chased her away.  It seems as if the tradition as stuck though.  I'm not sure which you enjoy more the money and toy potential or following where the trail leads. If you are anything like me, it is all about where the trail leads.
We went to Carly's end of the year beach party in Long Beach.  Once again it was pretty fantastic. It is just so nice to soak up the last of the summer rays and watch the sunset with kids running around.  We both love the beach and no matter what kind of clothes you are in, I guarantee you will be rolling around in the sand.  You found a bunch of other kids, that were a little older, and had all been surfing in wetsuits.  These kids were hard core awesome.  I am talking 7-10 years old that were legit surfing.  They found you and Liam trying to imitate them on boogie boards and sand dunes.  It turned into about 20 kids running around on the sand dunes pretend surfing. Then into a full on kids volleyball game, which you played valiantly.  For a kid who always had been a little hesitant you seem to be coming out of your shell.  You call for me a little less.  You try things a little more daring before asking for my hand. 

I continue to be absolutely amazed at the kid you are becoming.  You are charming, caring, and polite.  One of the smartest and wittiest kids I have ever met.  I am sure I am bias because I am so proud to be your mom but I honestly don't think so.  You amaze me everyday.  With your ability to laugh at most things.  With taking change in stride.  With being just stubborn enough for me to know that you are passionate.  With your empathy and compassion.  You just amaze me.  The other night before bed instead of saying 'I love you' I told you that 'I adore you.'  Jumping right on the end of my sentence, you proclaimed that you loved me more then any other door that existed.  That you loved me all the doors in the house, in Gammys' house, and in the whole world. That you loved me more then all the doors that hadn't been built yet. And then when I explained to you the definition of adore, you laughed right along with me.

I love you everyday.

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