Tuesday, September 17, 2013


To say that the summer came to an abrupt end would be an understatement.  With vacations and laying around playing Legos for DAYS, school kind of crept up on us.  He was ready.  He had been ready.  But I also felt like it was this great thought that was never going to materialize.  Like it wasn't actually possible that he could be old enough to go to Kindergarten.  There was definitely that day before panic when I had forgotten to buy him a lunch box.  A quick, we have one night get into a routine mentality.  And am I actually going to be able to get him up and at the bus stop in time?!

The Bus Stop Crew
Wyatt has one of the earliest bus pick ups, 8:20.  Totally not good for us non-morning people.  I assume that I am going to be dropping him off fairly often but figured we should give it our fighting chance for the first week or so.  As predicted, we were running a little late and Wyatt has always traveled with an entourage.  Gammy and Pa were, respectfully, going to not be there for the first bus trip reserving that for Terry and I, but Wyatt INSISTED that they come.  More like demanded their presence.  So fine, the more the merrier.  Because of the lateness, I have almost no pictures of the first day.  Kid was a champ.  Waved goodbye to all of us and sat next to his friend Gwen on the bus.  Gammy thought there was a moment of hesitation but I didn't see it.  I thought he was mad at me for asking for that extra hug while his bus was waiting for him.  He gave me the "Mom, I've got things to do" attitude.  He couldn't be bothered with hugs.

Lunch box love notes begin!

Of course, I was the creeper that needed to drive past the school to see if I could see him get off the bus.  I know, I know, slight parenting fail. I ran the idea past Gammy and Auntie B.  They both seemed to be on board especially since I was driving to work anyway. There were some parents loitering around but I didn't want to intrude on his big day.  Kindergarten is a huge independent step that I have been preparing him for the entire summer, the entire year really.  We had talked about it endlessly.  Towards the end of the summer, we had "learning time" every day going over the basics and counting down on the calendar.  I wanted him to be able to take that step by himself and allow him to get the self satisfaction that he could, will, and did do it by himself.  So, I was the creep in the car.  I was late to work and I didn't see him.

Day Two

Then the waiting.  Ohhhh the waiting.  The longest 6 hours of my life.

We congregated at the bus stop extra early, all of us anxious to see how the first day went for our tribe. The first bus comes and one out of the five get off.  One of the mothers jumps on the bus to check the seats but they're not on that one.  Rumors abound.  About 10 minutes later the next bus comes, three more come off.  Great.  Of course the last kid missing is my kid.  I waited for another 3 minutes and decided to call the school.  I was still pretty calm at this point.  Maybe another bus was coming.  First day mess ups and all.  No big deal.  So when I finally get in touch with the school and their response was "OK, He's on a bus we are just not sure which one.  We're going to find him and call you right back."  FIND HIM.  As in they LOST HIM.  On his first day of Kindergarten. Total insanity.   After some bus radio contact and a few phone calls from his teacher, Wyatt was found on a bus going in the complete opposite direction.  Turns out they had our address as Court instead of Lane.  Simple computer error that cost Wyatt an extra hour on the bus and me a whole lot of vaguely veiled panic.

Wyatt was definitely miffed when he got home.  He stared me down "Mom! They put me on the wrong bus!! I had to ride it all by myself."  Thankfully our neighbor Chris with his daughter Gwen (they sit everyday together now, so cute) waited with me for Wyatt on their awesome quad.  Just as expected, as soon as Wyatt saw the quad, he quickly forgot about his solo bus ride.  After several calls to the school, I got the bus situation sorted.  Wyatt asked about twelve times if they were going to loose him again.  After much assurance, he agreed to have another try the next day.  I was and still am so proud of him for marching on the bus without hesitation the next morning.  That could have been pretty traumatizing for any kid.  Especially after finding out that they tried to make him get OFF the WRONG bus on the other side of town.  I was told that he, very politely, informed the bus driver that was not where he lived.  He is such a smart, self- reliant little man.

Next Day Smiles
The first few days were a little rough.  He went.  He was happy.  But he didn't have much good to say about it.  He said that the bus ride is his favorite, which is a slight miracle.  He said there is a lot of paperwork and focusing.  He said that his teacher is a little loud (understandably plus she does have a big personality).  He said he couldn't remember anyone else's names.  Or who he sat next to at lunch.  Or if he even ate lunch or just threw it out.  Very tight lipped my little one is.  Funny part is when we went to a Welcome to School Picnic a week later, he was like the mayor.  Rolled down our car windows and was shouting names and hellos as we drove past.  Its just an adjustment period.  Everyday is getting easier for him and I couldn't be prouder of the little academic he is becoming.

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