Monday, December 8, 2014

82 Months


Despite both of us being sick for most of the month, we really jam packed it with fun!  I have had a sinus infection for about two weeks now and you got a bad cold and pink eye.  So exciting!  You couldn't go to school so you had to come into work with me.  You helped me unpack boxes from Staples and played Legos in my office while I worked.  For not feeling well you were the best working buddy.  It kind of made me miss those days I brought you for a hour everyday.

A few days before Thanksgiving, John and I decided that none of you had ever been to the parade before and it was about time.  Both of us have such fond memories from when we were younger.  So, I called up Auntie B and begged her to let us borrow her apartment.  We thought it would be easier to sleep in there and then take the subway the next morning from Astoria.  You all were so THRILLED to sleep over somewhere new.  As soon as we got into her apartment you, Byron and Dylan ran through every room and then started playing some hide-and-seek crawling game.  It took us forever to get you all to bed you were so excited.

We bundled you all up the next morning and set off.  We stopped to get some coffees and you guys were so patient that they gave you all cookies for the subway ride.  And us free coffees, probably because it looked like we needed them.  Then there was the SUBWAY!!  You have been on it many, many times.  But because it was Gwyn, Bryon and Dylan's first subway ride I think you got in the spirit.  Honestly, you were all asking a million questions to a very tired 7:30am subway car.  I think you would have been content riding the subway all day.  We got off at 5th Ave to another round of questioning and found a great spot on 56th.

The police had barricades up a little into the streets off of 6th Avenue.  So we weren't on the direct parade route but you could see the whole street clearly with no one in front of you.  Once the parade started, the police let just the kids go into the blocked off area.  At one point, you were having a kids dance party with rollerblading clowns dumping confetti on your heads.  The looks on your faces when the first balloon rounded the corner was priceless.  Byron is still talking about the Kiss float.  Mamie swears that she saw us all on TV all the way from Texas but we couldn't find it on the DVR later.  There was mild "I'm cold" complaining from you and Gwyn but other then that it was seamless.  We were home by 1 to start the festivities at Aunt Candy's and down the Club.  It is definitely something that John and I plan on doing again.

Then on Friday, we took you to the light show at Jones Beach.  It had been shut down for a few years.  I'll admit that the light show was a little underwhelming.  You guys liked it but I think you were expecting something more.  Maybe we talked it up too much.  I don't know.  What I know for sure is that my most favorite part was having all six of us laughing in the car.  Between John's running commentary, stirring rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas", and you getting a little rowdy after seeing a reindeer in a bikini, it was hilarity and chaos. I think those are the times that I love the most.  Just us and our laughter.

On Sunday was the Annual Tree Cutting, which deserves a post unto itself.  The whole month has been so fun but especially this last week.  All four of you have been meshing so well with each other lately.  We have been officially living together for a few months now and I guess I thought there would be a little more transition time.  More boundary testing.  More arguments.  More whining.  But there really hasn't been.  Of course there are times when you get possessive of me. And times when you argue over toys.  But on the whole, I am just so proud of all of you, especially you, Bud.  Simply because you have to share your everything.  Your toys, your mom, your room, your Gammy and Pa and you have done it with such grace and understanding.  You amaze me, my little one.

I love you everyday,
Your momma.

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